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Posted on 6 Sep 2017

The best Inca Trail Experience

We know that the Inca Trail has probably been on your bucket list for ages now… but you just haven’t found the right time (or dared!) to go for it yet, right? 😛

It’s no secret that trekking this ancient road is not only rewarding, but also very challenging -especially if you have been skipping training to attend that very important barbecue every weekend. But, luckily, there are ways to make that wonderful trek a most enjoyable one. Let us tell you a bit more about the Great Inca Trail and how to not only survive it, but, experience it to the fullest and in complete comfort!

luxury inca trail

About the trek

The Great Inca Trail, also known as Qhapaq Ñan, really extends over 30 thousand kilometers. But its most popular stretch –and one of the world’s most iconic trekking routes- is the last bit leading to the World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu. Reaching altitudes of 4,200 meters, this trek is a deed of endurance, but with plenty of rewards along and at the end of the way. The trek will take you through a diversity of Andean environments, from cloud forests to the highest mountains, all along this mystic ancient stone path leading to the sacred Inca citadel. You will be literally following the steps of the Incas.

In an effort to conserve it, there are limits to the number of people going on the trail everyday and you must go as part of a group with a licensed tour operator. So it’s a good idea to book a few months in advance.

The classic hike takes 4 days and 3 nights, during which you will get a chance to see archaeological sites and a variety of flora and fauna, walk along the Urubamba River, cross over high altitude passes, to then descend to fertile valleys and enjoy spectacular landscapes that will warm up your soul and keep you from realizing how tired you might really be. On the last day, you will enter through the Doorway of the Sun (Punku sector) and finally get your first sightings on Machu Picchu… just like you were an explorer who’s rediscovering the “Lost City of the Incas”. This moment really makes it all much more than worth it. Finally, you will arrive at the Inca citadel to explore it in depth.

While you can choose to only do take this 4-day trek, a complete 10-day deluxe itinerary also includes a city tour of Cusco and a complete day at the Sacred Valley of the Incas, as well as the Huayna Picchu hike and other surprises.

Now, let’s get comfy!!

We are not going to lie to you… you will be sore and exhausted at the end of each day!!! Fortunately, our Luxury Inca Trail Tour has everything you need to have the ultimate trekking experience in complete comfort. Imagine arriving to the campsite each evening and being treated to a soothing therapeutic massage at the hands of our professional masseuses!!!

Our deluxe camping gear also will make everything easier, granting a good night sleep on a comfy cot, so you are fully rested and ready to go every morning. Heating units will keep you warm at night and a shower will keep you fresh during the 4-day tour.

Of course, food is very important, you will need that energy for the trek! But, what if its delicious as well? On our Luxury Inca Trail you will enjoy gourmet lunches and dinners, all made with delicious local ingredients. And you don’t even need to worry about all that equipment. Our professional team of porters will take care of that and expert guides will assist you, while you solely focus on walking and enjoying the way.

It doesn’t sound that harsh, now, does it? 😉

Extra tips for making your trek easier!

Despite everything a Luxury Inca Trail Tour might do for you, there are a few things you could do yourself to make the challenging way easier:

  • Acclimate: take it easy at first; spend a couple of days in the area before trekking.
  • Hydrate: it’s very important to stay hydrated when trekking in altitude.
  • Stay positive and walk at your own pace: don’t try to race anybody, just stay focus and have some faith in yourself… we know you’ll make it!!!

Here’s an idea of itinerary to get you going!

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