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Posted on 16 Oct 2012

Peru Travel Route #1: Lima, Paracas and Nazca

If you are planning to travel to South America and spend your vacations in Peru, you will need some ideas of great places to visit. Thinking of that, we’ve prepared a list of routes and tour packages that we are sure will interest you.

Miraflores - Lima

On this first post we’ll talk about Lima and two very interesting places south of the Peruvian capital: Paracas and Nazca, whose location and proximity to Lima makes them the perfect destinations to include when you want to put together a route in this area of the Peruvian Central Coast.

Let’s start by Lima, a city of great international importance: The capital of Peru, business center that develops as the country’s economic progress, cosmopolitan and full of interesting places that blends tradition, history and modernity. You cannot miss the colonial side of Lima, with its monasteries, churches, colonial houses; and Contemporary Lima, with its districts of Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro, where you will find the best hotels, restaurants, museums, shopping centers and fun. To enjoy all of the above we recommend our Classic Tour of Lima in 3 days.

If you are more into history can also take our “Archaeology and History in Lima 4 days tour, which includes a visit to Caral “The oldest city in America” and Pachacamac, the most important pilgrimage place of ancient Peru.

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of trying new flavors and fine cuisine, Lima is the place for you, since the Peruvian capital is also the culinary capital of America. Lima has a rich and wide culinary tradition, not mention its well-recognized restaurants. Our Gastronomical Adventure in Lima, is your choice. Enjoy of the unbelievable typical food from all around the country (ask for the ceviche, pisco sour and lomo saltado).

Peruvian Ceviche with King Prawn

Now we’ll go south to Paracas, a small town three hours from Lima. Paracas is a nice bay with a nice range of hotels; it is the starting point for all boat excursion to the Ballestas Islands and the Paracas National Reserve (the largest natural sanctuary of the Peruvian coast), habitat of thousands of migratory birds, and a variety of marine life. Paracas is located near Pisco, from where airplanes that overflight the Nazca Lines departs. The Nazca Lines are giant ground drawings made on the desert of Nazca by the eponymous pre-Inca culture. Since Paracas and Nazca can be easily combined into a single program we have prepared two options for travelers interested in reaching this area: Our first option is a 2-day tour to the Nazca Lines and Ballestas Islands; our second tour includes the city of Ica, with its wineries and Pisco cellars, and Huacachina Oases, this is a 3 day tours named Ica, Desert and Sea .


Travel to Peru, visit its capital, and enjoy the natural beauty, history and mystery that you will find in Paracas and Nazca, few hours from Lima. Do not miss this opportunity; book your holiday to Peru, now!

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  1. The Nazca lines are an enigma that many have tried to fathom.

  2. Nice pic of the Paracas Candelabra, please post more like this. If you want to see
    pics of nazca lines, click here.

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