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Posted on 7 Jun 2017

Peru voted Best Americas Tourist Destination (Shanghai World Travel Fair 2017)

Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru.

Peru is most definitely a trendy destination. Its thriving tourism industry has been once again recognized internationally, being voted Best Americas Tourist Destination at the 2017 Shanghai World Travel Fair (SWTF).

The SWTF is China’s leading international tourism market, held annually in Shanghai. This year it gathered representatives from over 55 countries, as well as airlines, hotels, tourism operators and agencies, among other tourism businesses. Peru was recognized in great part thanks to its ongoing efforts to attract and cater for Chinese visitors, one of the major and fastest growing outbound tourists markets in the world.

Peru at SWTF

A Machu-Picchu-inspired pavilion attracted the attention of international tourist and particularly Chinese, all eager to discover the Incan citadel, as well as the many other “hidden” wonders that this country with great heritage has to offer. The Peruvian tourism operators and agencies participating in the event showcased their tours and services to the Chinese and other Asian countries’ representatives.

Chinese tourists in Peru

China is currently the second-largest Asian outbound market for Peruvian tourism –only after Japan-, more than 35,000 Chinese tourists being expected to arrive in Peru by the end of 2017. This is, among other factors, thanks to the visa waiver for Chinese citizens holding visas from the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia or the Schengen territory. But, moreover, the South American country has great appeal to them in its own right.

So, what is it that Chinese tourists like so much about Peru?

First of all, Chinese tourists tend to give a lot of value to history and culture, as well as natural beauty… and, well, Peru really has all of that.

Cusco is very well rated amongst them for its historic and cultural significance as cradle of the Incan civilization. And in particular the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, of course, is definitely one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists in South America. Apparently they deeply identify with this, as their country too is a cradle of civilization.

Along with Cusco, another Peruvian destination that attracts these Asian visitors is Iquitos and the Amazon rainforest, boasting one of planet’s greatest biodiversity. Lima, of course, as a hub, is also a flourishing urban and culinary destination of great appeal.

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