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Posted on 8 Aug 2013

Live and experience the City of the Kings, Lima

Funded as the City of the Spanish Kings and located in the middle of the coastal region in Peru, Lima is a mixture of cultures where you can find plenty of activities and places to visit.

It doesn’t matter in what direction you walk to, there is always many things to do in Lima. In the Historic Center of the city, you can find the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Government’s Palace and the Catacombs. Everywhere around the city you will find handicraft markets, wonderful museums of art, anthropology and history that are witness of this country’s great past. You can visit every place you want with the Lima tours we’ve prepared.

Lima is a city of contrasts, where the historic areas share the same spaces with the modern areas. This is a city where you can hold a business meeting while you enjoy of Latin America’s best food.

miraflores lima

Miraflores View from a top

Lima is a city that melts past, present and future in an amazing variety of cultural expressions. So if you are looking for what to do in Lima, there are plenty of choices. So…what are you waiting for?! Look for the tours in Lima that most suits your needs, if not, we will customize them especially for you.

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