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Posted on 22 Jul 2013

Paracas Activities

The Peruvian desert is a one-of-a-kind experience, and despite of being a desert it has a marvelous marine biodiversity and many activities for the adrenaline junkies. There are literally a myriad of Paracas Activities for you to take part in.  Here we list a few:

If you’ve already planned to visit the Peruvian desert, you can take the Paracas tours to watch the richness of the Peruvian sea. You can take excursions to watch the sea wolves in their wild habitat. You can visit the local museum and learn about the ancient civilizations that used to live in this area. And you can have the best experience in the desert from riding dune buggies and sandboard through the Paracas sand dunes, to finalize your experience.

Be part of an unexpected adrenaline rush, feeling the sea breeze while you ride dune buggies through the Paracas desert. An important footnote to remember is that the Rally Dakar 2013 took place in this area..

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Sand Dunes in Ica Peru

Are you an adventurer and you haven’t visited the Peruvian desert yet? What are you waiting for?! Look for the Paracas tours that most suits your needs and tastes; otherwise, we’ll customize them especially for you!

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