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Posted on 29 Jun 2013

Andean Explorer train, one of the top train experiences in the world

Andean Explorer Train

Have you ever thought of taking a journey that actually feels like a travel through time? Imagine the unforgettable experience of a luxury train trip, in a vintage Pullman train from the twenties, while you enjoy a landscape that takes you to the clouds, from a car-bar outdoor observatory, all the way to ancient Andean cultures.

We highly recommend a trip aboard the Andean Explorer train, it is one of the top train experiences in the world, and that has won the South America´s Leading Luxury train by World Travel Awards 2012 and has been nominated again this 2013. This train takes you along the beautiful Peruvian Andes, from Cusco to Lake Titicaca, letting you have one of the most surreal adventures of our life. And if you enjoyed yourself during the ride, you can always take the same train back to Cusco.

Be thrilled with a 10 hour journey through marvelous landscapes, snowcapped mountains and the bluest skies. You will be able to see how the vegetation and geography changes from one climate to another. This trip will take you to the highest navigable lake in the world where you will be able to take never imaginable tours. Get to know the Andean plateau and the amazing local culture, a very interesting fusion between the native ancestors and the Spanish conquerors.

andean explorer So if were thinking of taking this route from Cusco to Puno on a bus, you should get on the Andean Explorer train instead, and be part of the most comfortable trip that will allow you to delight even more your view with the mystical landscapes.

Look for the Lake Titicaca tours, Cusco tours or Machu Picchu tours that most suite your needs; if not, we will customize them especially for you.

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