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Posted on 12 Jul 2017

The best Iguazu travel experience

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There are very few places on Earth as majestic as the Iguazu Waterfalls! It is hard to describe what one feels when standing in front of such an impressive demonstration of the power of nature. You really have to experience it first hand.

To make the most out of your trip, we have worked on a selection of our best tips for traveling to Iguazu.

A bit of geography

The Iguazu Waterfalls are situated between three countries: Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. While there are several options to visit, the most common way is to reach them from the Argentine side. From there you can cross over to the other two countries through the border crossings, all in the same day. Perfect for collecting stamps on your passport to then brag about with your friends! 😛


A matter of time

The Iguazu Falls Park is fairly big, so it is best to allow enough time to explore it. Staying a night or two is a good idea. Accommodation on the Argentine side is best prepared. And, if you are a travel geek, like us, you should also get a park map in advance and get familiar with what there is to see.

Extra tip: a great time to visit the falls is during full moon in spring or fall, when there are night full moon tours available.


Don’t get stopped at the door of the party… Get a visa in time!

Remember to research on visa requirements prior to your trip so you can easily cross the borders. Many nationalities need a visa to cross over to the Brazilian side and this may have to be obtained in advance. Argentinian visas may sometimes be acquired in Brazil on the same day of the crossing. Contact us to guide you on this, depending on your nationality.

*US citizens are exempted from paying the reciprocity fee for Argentina since August 23, 2016.

Trek your worries away!

There are several treks, both on the Argentine and the Brazilian sides, ranging from 600 metres to 7 kilometers long. As there are different types of entrance tickets to the park, you might want to make sure to get one that allows you to access the areas you are most interested in. Let us know how much walking you would like to do, so we can advice you on this.

Just do it!!

Do not, by any chance, miss out on the opportunity of taking a boat ride to the base of the fall. Just be prepared to get soaking wet and have an extra pair of everything in a waterproof bag. 😛


Bragging rights!

Yes, you are entitled to show off your amazing trip on every social media platform you like. You can also go oldschool and send out a bunch of postcards to your friends and family. You’ll find many giftshops with mailboxes on your way to or from the Central Station and they should take credit cards, US Dollars, Euros, Brazilian Reals or Argentinian Pesos.


  • Bring a good waterproof jacket or a disposable poncho (much cheaper in town than inside the park) as you will get wet. An extra pair of pants and non-slip sneakers are also a good idea. Just be prepared for interacting with some water and embrace the experience!!!
  • Other things to pack: sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a sunhat, your camera, your passport, some cash, water bottle.
  • Keep your food safe from the coaties. They look cute but can also chase you around for that precious snack you’ve been hiding from your friends.
  • While it is still a good idea to bring some cash, you can also find ATM machines on site.
  • Bring any special medication with you, clrearly labeled and along with your physicians prescription.
  • If you want to blend in and feel like a local, get a mate cup, a thermos and some yerba mate and look for hot water dispensers or ask for a hot water refill at any restaurant. This hot tea is a national obsession!

So, need some ideas to get started planning your trip to Iguazu? Check out these itineraries!

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