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Amazon Cruises

The Peruvian Amazon is one of the places with most biodiversity in the world. Our Amazon cruises and tours take you sailing along the most loaded river in the world (the Amazon River), on board of beautiful ships that will allow you to enjoy the most exotic of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

On our first Aqua Expeditions tour, you will enjoy of a 4 night luxury cruise (Aqua Cruise) sailing along the Amazonas River. Here you will be able to observe many kinds of monkeys and in the Yacapana Islands you will see the pink river dolphin. You will find many endangered species in their natural preserved habitat. And you will have a delightful fishing experience in the Charo Lake.

On the second 4 day-luxury tour (Delfin II), you will be taken on a hike through the jungle. You go to the Dorado River, the Pacaya River and the Atun Poza Lagoon. You will explore the Yarapa River and its surroundings, where you will see endangered species of amazing flora and fauna.

On the third tour (Amatista), you can have from 4 to 6 days of a superior category cruise, with the best of the local cuisine. You will sail on board of a one hundred years cruise along the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and explore into the deep of the jungle to learn about the abundant flora and fauna unique in the world.

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Overview of the Amazon River

If you want to know the Peruvian Amazon, we have the best Amazon cruises and tours for you to enjoy the most magical nature and learn about the endangered species of flora and fauna in this beautiful natural reserve. So…what are you waiting for?! Look for the Amazon cruises and tours that most suits your needs, if not, we will customize them especially for you.

Nazca Lines Overflight

The Nazca Lines, a spectacular tourist attraction that you have never imagined before.

Nazca is a small town located in the Peruvian dessert south from Lima. Here lay the famous Nazca Lines: stunning geometrical figures drew on the sand by the ancient Nazca civilization, and which their purpose remains unknown.

Some Nazca lines facts:  Archaeologists speculate that these animal and plant figures, that can only be seen from above, could have been some sort of astronomic calendar, or even they handle the theory of and extraterrestrial origin. But to the present day, there are no substantial facts to prove these theories.

Nazca Lines Overflight: You would be able to see from an airplane these marvelous drawings that are appreciated all along the horizon. You will never forget this impressive form of ancient art, drew on the most remote places in Peru.

nazca lines overflight

Aerial view of the Nazca lines

What are you waiting for?! Search for the Nazca Lines tours and Nazca lines flights that most suite your needs, if not, we’ll customize them especially for you!