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Break time: Adventure season in Galapagos

Ever since we saw our friend’s pictures from his epic trip to the Galapagos Island we had wanted to go. “Of course, he still lives with his parents and has no mortgage to pay”, we kept repeating to ourselves. But with that last Christmas bono at work, we really did not have any excuse to […]

Quick travel guide to Argentina

With a rich cultural scene, lots of history, as well as superb natural areas, Argentina is one of the most popular destinations in South America. To make the most out of your Argentinian experience it is best to plan in advance. Here are some considerations about places to go, things to see and do, as […]

Cusco by night

When it comes to nightlife, the city of Cusco is really Peru’s hotspot and one of South America’s best! So, don’t forget your dancing shoes and let’s get this party started!!! 😉 The former Inca capital now features an incredibly diverse array of bars and clubs for you to pick your favorite or try a […]

The best of Brazil

Picture this: you in a stunningly gorgeous beach, sipping on a caipirinha… a relaxed yet vibrant urban atmosphere, boasting with music and joy… impressive waterfalls surrounded by awe-inspiring rainforests… plus an extremely spirited culture everywhere you go.

5 places in South America that are even greater than the picture

South América is a continent that invites you to explore and immerse yourself in out-of-the-ordinary experiences that will give you away memories that will last a lifetime. The amazing scenery and colorful cultural expressions also grant travellers with great picture opportunities. But some places are so stunning that any photo can really do them justice. […]

10 impressions of visiting the Amazon

The Amazon is definitely one of the most amazing places on Earth. It’s the largest tropical rainforest in the world, hosting an enormous diversity of flora and fauna, and the Amazon River is the widest and the second longest (only after the Nile). The Amazon is a place that deeply impresses every single one of […]

Peru Route #5: Northern Beaches

If you thought that after offering you the best of our Amazon and Andean tours, there were no more interesting places to visit, you’re wrong. In Peru, there are many beautiful beaches, waiting for you to enjoy an amazing and unforgettable trip. At the beautiful Peru Northern beaches, there’s a whole variety of and entertaining […]

Peru Route #4:The Amazon Basin

After reading so much about Peru, aren’t you impatient to explore this amazing country? This time we want to share with you the fabulous Peru luxury tours and tour packages around the Amazon basin. This is where the Amazon River breaks through the jungle with its breathtaking meanders, where the most unbelievable wildlife awaits you […]


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