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5 impressive glaciers to visit in South America

South America is a destination that boasts lakes and snowy mountains worthy of a movie. Its impressive ice cathedrals are an attraction among tourists seeking adventure and nature. There is something magical about the glaciers that surprise you, but you will want to go through them, and even more so if you visit Patagonia, the […]

Best things to do in South America

South America is an amazing place to visit. Anyone who has explored the region will tell you, whether it is for a short vacation or a long term trip, there are so many reasons to visit. The huge diversity of what can be savored there means that almost everyone will find what they want and […]

5 places in South America that are even greater than the picture

South América is a continent that invites you to explore and immerse yourself in out-of-the-ordinary experiences that will give you away memories that will last a lifetime. The amazing scenery and colorful cultural expressions also grant travellers with great picture opportunities. But some places are so stunning that any photo can really do them justice. […]


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